Eat, dream

For its third edition, Fabula invites Thomas Chisholm, an essential figure of contemporary Parisian gastronomy.

The chef unveils a thoughtful cuisine, with a fresh and summery menu where vibrant colors and subtle textures unfold like paintings, sometimes reaching abstraction, in a gallery of unexpected flavors.

Thomas Chisholm, who advocates for a transdisciplinary approach to gastronomy and champions ethical and sustainable sourcing, presents a seasonal menu showcasing carefully selected products, with a focus on local producers, particularly in the Île-de-France region.
The rare aromatic herbs and flowers adorning his dishes are carefully selected from Superette, a Parisian urban farm.

On the cocktail side, Vincent Diener, winner of the 2023 Bartenders Challenge, crafts sophisticated creations with a botanical inspiration, delicately enhancing the dishes orchestrated by the chef.
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